At Rise Bodyworks in Alameda, our chiropractors work with a variety of techniques including cutting edge Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques, Physio-Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation. This variety and combination of techniques help to resolve imbalances in the body from previous injuries, poor postural habits, and repetitive stress. Most importantly, we recognize that individuals are unique and therefore require novel solutions. We adapt our protocols to fit the individual patient. Read more >>

Massage and Bodywork

At Rise, our massage therapists specialize in sports massage as well as deep tissue work, ART (Active Release Techniques) and trigger point therapy. We will develop a plan that's right for you: We help clients get immediate relief from painful conditions and muscle tension, people with chronic pain, and those who have clinical conditions and need help with injury rehabilitation. We also offer full body therapeutic massage to reduce stress, and offer an escape from a busy schedule for those without imminent issues. Read more >>


We are proud to have built our Rise Pilates program upon the principles of Joseph Pilates. Improved core strength, stability, posture, balance and flexibility are just a few of the benefits that Pilates provides. Pilates is a gentle but challenging workout that helps create an evenly conditioned body which is great for injury prevention and overall performance. Our goal is to provide a motivating and supportive environment and we offer various levels of classes as well as private sessions. Read more >>

Personal Training and Group Fitness

Rise Bodyworks invites you to train with the greatest machine the world has ever created, your own body! Rise’s Alameda location is home to seasoned, expert Personal Trainers who are determined to develop unique and creative solutions to get your body from good to excellent. Our programs provide you with a great deal of flexibility that include highly-customized training sessions to help you meet your goals. Our Personal Trainers will motivate you, provide accountability and help you transform your health and fitness! Read more >>