Welcome to the RISE Pilates program, where you can build strength, improve flexibility & mobility, and enhance endurance through our small group Pilates Reformer classes.

Our program is designed to provide a motivating, inclusive, and supportive environment where you can challenge yourself and achieve your mental and physical health goals through mindful and focused movement.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through each session, using spring-controlled resistance to help you build strength and improve mobility.

With the guidance of our expert instructors, you will learn to move mindfully and with purpose, challenging yourself to achieve your mental and physical health goals in a motivating, inclusive, and supportive environment.


Pilates Classes: 4/8/10/12/ Unlimited *

4 Classes

$ 99

8 Classes

$ 189

10 Classes

$ 205

12 Classes

$ 239


Best Value

$ 299

Single classes available for purchase $30/class

Private Pilates Classes

1 Session

$ 80

5 Sessions

$ 375

10 Sessions​

$ 700

Join us today and discover the power of Pilates with RISE!

Private Pilates sessions for individuals and couples are also available. Book here.

We are proud to have built our Rise Pilates program on the principles of Joseph Pilates.

Improved core strength, stability, posture, balance and flexibility are just a few of the benefits that Pilates provides. Pilates is a gentle but challenging workout that helps create an evenly conditioned body which is great for injury prevention and overall performance. Our goal is to provide a motivating and supportive environment in our classes and individual sessions. We offer both Pilates reformer classes and private sessions with the reformer to give you individual attention and to address your concerns and goals in a private and safe space. In both our classes and private sessions we will teach you specific strategies to manage or prevent injuries and build core strength.

We show you how to harness the power of mindful movement and focus on training all parts of the body to work in unison, increasing your balance, core strength and coordination.

RISE Pilates Instructors