Antony B.

Rise, a long overdue 6 month review.

I was introduce to Rise through John Beal’s chiropractic practice. An ergonomist at work recommended John as the go to chiropractor to fix a plantar fasciitis I’d been lugging for a year.
In 3 months Dr Beal fixed it!
Yes people, plantar fasciitis can be fixed, and John Beal is your man!

Dr John then suggested a bit of physical therapy to strengthen and build some muscle where they were needed. That’s where he handed me over to Derek. Yeah, the great thing about Rise, it’s all in one place, and it’s downtown, east end, Alameda.
The physical therapy with Derek turned quickly into personal training with Derek on my request. I started to enjoy weight lifting and wanted to do more.
Honestly, I am not a gym person, always preferred the outdoors. And weight lifting has never been my thing. But convenience and the display of professionalism at Rise got the best of me (Derek is such a great trainer).

So back on topic, Rise.
The only thing I would say could be improved at Rise is the signage. Clearly stating where rooms are, what rooms are for, what’s ok and off limits. I know for example that the upstairs area is reserved for personal trainers but I don’t think there is a clear sign to tell you that. To be fair, I also know that (the ever so helpful) Darlene does walkthrough when people sign up. But if you have the discipline to train regularly you’ll quickly get a hang of the layout.
Besides that, staff and trainers are always very friendly and super helpful (am there end of afternoons, early evenings) and the place is very clean despite the time it’s been around.

It’s just a great place and I am very grateful that we have Rise in Alameda, thank you John and staff.