Zack B.

John is awesome. I went in for help with an old ankle sprain that had acted up and traveled up to my knee causing substantial pain for about three months which the conservative RICE method did very little to resolve. I went to see John after stumbling upon the ART method and his website. His business happens to be right down the street from my house, so I see him at least once a week now. He cured my ankle and knee within three sessions – I was shocked.

I was so happy and surprised, that I asked him if he could help rehabilitate the strength in my left arm where I had tennis elbow surgery a couple years ago. We are now in the process of doing ART and then doing some guided exercises and I am using weights and working my body out like I haven’t done in 5 years. If you haven’t heard of ART and have tried traditional physical therapy for an injury (esp. repetitive type injuries), I urge you to give John and his team a shout – I bet they can help.

Rochefort 8!