Susan P.

John is fabulous. He has been doing ART on my elbow, and as rough as the sessions are, I always end up laughing. And the problem is all but gone after several sessions – I keep returning to him to both keep it gone and for the fabulous full body adjustments he does. I feel like a new person after each session.

But there’s more – Pilates instructors Chris, Camille and Kiko have made the new person stronger. Chris and Camille got me broken in and made me a regular, and Kiko has figured out where my weak spots are and is slowly making them into strong spots.

I can’t say enough good stuff about this place. I hobbled in six months ago with multiple long-term injuries that were preventing me from doing all kinds of things. Now, nothing hurts. Ever. I’m back to training for half-marathons thanks to these folks!