Sarah T.

I was in serious pain following a case of slipped rib – I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rotate my upper body, couldn’t breathe without pain – in short, I was desperate and terrified. I had already seen my regular chiropractor for adjustments to alleviate the pain (twice a week for 2 weeks and RICE-d constantly) but nothing I did ever seemed to make it better.

A friend who saw how miserable I was told me to visit an ART-certified chiropractor and that’s how I found John. Boy am I glad I did! Making an appointment at Rise was a breeze and the clinic itself was wonderful and clean.

John briefly talked to me about my condition, to understand what happened. He is personable, and instantly made me feel comfortable. He then proceeded to massage my shoulder and back WHICH HURT LIKE A MOFO. It was honestly, some of the most terrible minutes of my life, but once he was done, I could feel all the tension seeping out of my body and the pain easing.

John was really detailed, patient and thorough. I have never had such a good chiro appointment. He spent every minute of our session adjusting, fixing and working my body, instead of just wasting time on meaningless small talk. The 30 minutes of my adjustment felt like forever (in a good way), and by the end of it I felt like I had a whole different body. You can just tell he’s a chiropractor that really cares and is incredibly good at what he does.

John was also super knowledgeable and really inspired confidence – which I was severely lacking after my numerous failed adjustments at my chiropractor. He noted that a lot of my pain was probably due to the difference in lengths of my leg, he even provided me with a free massage ball and insole heel so I could treat myself at home. The best thing was that unlike other chiropractors who would push for unnecessary treatments, John told me I was pretty much fine, but that I could call him again if I felt like I needed an additional treatment. None of that “sign up for a package” or pressure selling bullshit.

all in all, I have to say, John is a chiropractor who is really knowledgeable, caring and kind. He really is there to take care of you and your body! So if you are in doubt about which chiropractor to visit, John is definitely an awesome option!

One thing I will say though is that his office is slightly informal – there were dogs barking and running around which might bother some people. I didn’t find it distracting at all but its just a heads up for people who may not like dogs.