S H.

As much as I used to joke that John should give me kick-backs for my Yelp posts, I will state for the record that I relocated to Singapore and get NOTHING from Rise. In fact, since I am no longer a client, I bet they forgot all about me. ?

Anyway, the reason for my review is that while I have been trying to establish a new fitness regime, I really, REALLY miss Rise. Thanks to my personal training sessions with Camille (which ended September 2013), I can still keep up with most weight training and aerobic classes here in Singapore. Unfortunately they leave me somewhat uninspired. I also took a few Pilates classes at various studios in the area, and they weren’t very challenging at all. (One instructor claimed she was mean, but I breezed through her workout.)

So yes, even though I whined and complained when Camille tabata’ed my butt, I find myself missing TRX and kettle bells. (So sad, but true!) Once I return to the States (in 2-3 years?), I’ll definitely be back…