Acacia Q.

I wish I could give this place 100 stars. And I have some really good reasons.

First: I started working out here regularly a month ago, and every instructor is awesome. They are ALL professional, motivating, super knowledgable, and friendly. Good people. The atmosphere is very welcoming, but you still get your butt kicked. I look forward to moving and working my body in new ways with each class.

Which brings me to my second reason: last night, I dislocated my shoulder during a class. Yeah, you read that right – that bad boy popped straight out of the socket. I was super tired, and I TOTALLY did this to myself, by trying to use my hypermobility (double-jointedness) to lift a weight whilst positioned incorrectly. Oops. This was a first for me, and it was indeed horrific. Because I was light-headed and in a great deal of pain, my version may be skewed. But, as I remember it: class was stopped, people gathered around, I wanted to disappear, John came over and, in addition to some obscenities, I asked (yelled? cried?) that someone pop it back in. After a bit of deliberating (or maybe none?) John straight up DID IT, in one strong, swift movement, accompanied by a loud “pop”, a feeling of instant relief, and some loud cheers. If it wasn’t for John, I would have been held up in an ER for hours with a dislocated shoulder, and everything would have been much worse. So basically, he saved the day with some mad skills and big cajones. Everyone there was also super helpful and supportive of my freakish workout accident, as well.

So this place is pretty much the best ever. 100 stars, in my book.